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Palm Island Dubai

Palm Island Dubai is a resort built as a result of continuous innovation and creativity. The resort is actually a combination of three islands, Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Jumeirah and Palm Deira. This place is considered an important place that is sometimes called the eighth wonder of the world. Of the three islands, Palm Deira is the largest and lies on the east of another groundbreaking project entitled “The Islands of the World”. By applying such a major gateway of Dubai it will definitely be one of the most popular tourist sites in the world.

Palm Island Dubai

Palm Island Dubai Palm Island Dubai Palm Island Dubai

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The project was introduced for the sole purpose of promoting tourism in Dubai, trying to create a unique and unique place with many world class services and facilities. In the early stages of construction, it was planned Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, but after it was announced that the second island to become part of Palm Island. Palm Island has many homes from the ocean where people can live their lives without any disturbance. Three islands have luggage that can be considered as the main door leading to the leaves of leaves or the soles of each of these islands.

Outside margins of three coconut islands, an artificial pier was created. Growth is one consisting of a series of high-end shopping complexes, hotels, sports facilities, etc. Besides the fact that Palm Deira is the largest of the Palm Islands, it’s also the most interesting of the three that live in a large number of installations. It is also the last island built in the Palm Islands.

Palm Island Dubai at Night

palm island dubai at night

Another important feature is that Palm Islands Palm Jumeirah consists of a pair of islands called Island Logo. Both islands are visible and shaped coconut leaves. Both islands are considered private islands of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister of UAE.

Palm islands are certainly attracting many people around the world and is considered one of the largest man-made tourist beaches that have been made. Certainly bring Dubai to the top of the access point list to a few lines.

, It seems that Dubai is more focused on tourism and it seems that every new development project is outward before. It also serves as a boost for the economy of Dubai and also offers many work facilities. It is clear that all these innovative projects are geared towards tourists and leaves very little to nap.

Famous Hotels in Dubai

Yes, Atlantis Hotel Dubai is open, probably the most expensive part of all. The report notes how celebrities like Robert De Niro and Denzel Washington are present, as well as pop singer Kylie Minogue, who earned a record $ 4 million for their appearance (not even last hour) in Grand Bash. Fireworks show promoting and / or the greatest of all time fireworks most expensive. Waste in a new luxury hotel in Dubai is a certain generosity.

There are many tourist attractions in Dubai, many of which are unique in ski resorts in the snow. However, Atlantis Hotel Dubai has its own activities such as Dolphin Bay, where you can swim with dolphins, great Ambassadors Lagoon aquarium and a beautiful water park, Aqua Venture Atlantis Park (which is fantastic in Ziggurat, your slides take you through a shark lagoon ?). If you have the dough needed to stay at Atlantis Hotel, you can definitely do your tourist activities in Dubai without going to the whole city.

Atlantis Hotel Dubai

Atlantis Hotel Dubai Atlantis Hotel Dubai Atlantis Hotel Dubai Dubai Hotels

Burj Al Arab is currently the most famous hotel in the world (and most expensive, etc.), and on a homemade island. The Palm Beach Hotel Palm Beach Hotel, Burj Al Arab is now one of Dubai’s most famous hotels and therefore the world.

Jumeirah Palm Island

Jumeirah Palm Island Jumeirah Palm Island